Documentary film.Registration of the 7 days of the residence made by the Arsfactus Collective in the Bodegón Cultural de Los Vilos.2019

Direction, recording and editing of the video by María Hurtado 

Registration Film of  made by the Arsfactus Collective Project Transferences presents through the language of art: Ilusion/reality, Presence/absence,Individuality/collective 2015.

Recording and editing by Luigi Brisso

Art works and curatorial projects, Video 2020. ​work of a collective art group of 10 Chilean visual artists. Music:" edit. by: Carolina Oltra.

Documentary film of collective ARSFACTUS, developed large format works, related to the history and the present of this neighborhood, its patrimonial imprint, its inhabitants, the market. Each artist with his own language and techniques - painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, photography, installation. Recording and editing by Roberto Mardones